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About Us

Hello friends and welcome to Express Your Truth!

We incredibly overfilled with joy as we begin building this community of like-minded visionaries who are on a quest to discover their divine truth.

Our mission is to provide you with a container filled with holistic and creative self-expression practices, focusing on unlocking your deepest hearts desires. Because these tools have been the framework of our own self-discovery journeys, we feel a deep urgency in sharing them externally so others can begin living a life of authentic alignment with their purpose. 

It is our hope that as we continue to grow individually in our own personal lives, that we also show up for one another and connect as a supportive and open-minded community. I have found that in order for us to bravely step into our inner light, guidance and support from others embarking on the same journey are highly complimentary. 

At the beginning of each month, we will provide a topic to focus in on and dive further into. Along the side, we will choose weekly journal prompts, exercises, resources and tools that are in congruent with the monthly topic. We highly urge you to participate and share any insights, questions, creative self-expressions, etc, as we move through these areas together. 

We are so looking forward to connecting and building this foundation together!

All the love and light, Christine & Jordan

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